Bache Capital Management, Inc.a personal service firm, offers peace of mind to the individual investor. The firm's goal is to manage your wealth so as to maximize growth and minimize risk. We endeavor to achieve above average risk adjusted performance by investing primarily in industry leaders less likely to show wide fluctuations through a market cycle. 

Bache Capital diversifies client portfolios among common stock, preferred stock, corporate and municipal bonds and cash equivalents. We manage client assets through separate discretionary accounts on a fee-only basis for individuals and for corporate pension and profit-sharing plans.


Setting Bache Capital Management apart is its strategy of structuring portfolios for individual needs. We do not have a "boilerplate" formula that allocates all of our clients' funds in the same combination of companies. We take into consideration your income needs and your tax requirements. What is good for another client is not necessarily appropriate for you.

Helping you achieve financial peace of mind and providing guidance with navigating your financial future is our ultimate goal.

Our Aim in Serving You is Threefold

  • Implement a value-oriented and diversified strategy in choosing equities (common stock)
  • Adopt a “laddered” approach to fixed income securities (bonds)
  • Balance your portfolio between equities and fixed income based on your need for income and your risk tolerance



Elizabeth, Kathryn, Christopher and Alexander

We Will Work With You and Your Unique Needs

To help you manage your wealth, we furnish you state of the art reports that can assist you and your other professional advisors in tax and estate planning.

We prepare a full appraisal for you each quarter and at the end of each year, and we compile tax reporting data for you. We can provide custom-tailored reports to help you whenever you need them.